# Fair usage policy

Whilst Sublime Ads is built for ease and speed, sometimes even best practices can cause problems.

That means, if you're expecting a lot of traffic with many thousands of ads (and image assets) and 20K or more API loads per day, please get in touch to discuss.

Whilst Sublime Ads will not enforce limits, at this time, I may reach out to talk about possible other solutions that can be implemented and go from there.

If we cannot agree a way forward, Sublime Ads may cancel or apply limits to your account. You'll be notified of this well in advance and we'll never cancel your account out of the blue if limits are reached.

# "Usage" and pricing

Due to the unpredicted nature of API usage, different pricing plans will be introduced that offers a good mix of "usage" and price.

For the time being, the entry level tier (which is a default) allows up to an average of 100,000 "usage" requests for a rolling 30 day basis. Of course this can be burst somewhat and will be averaged. If you continually hit the upper limits you need to upgrade your account - we'll email you when we think it's time.

Here are the planned "usage" tiers:

  • 100,000 (the normal one)
  • 200,000
  • 400,000
  • 800,000
  • 1 million and above (custom pricing)

Note: these are soft limits and your account will never stop working if you go beyond these limits.

Usage is any call to the API. So when you request category and/or ad data, this will be classed as a usage request. If you request category data, which includes ads, it will only count once for each instance of the main category request. If you're using an embed code, the initial load will be handled as a usage request.

# Summary:

  • Keep using it as usual.
  • If you think you'll end up using lots of storage, get in touch to discuss.
  • If you think you'll end up heavily using the API, get in touch to discuss.
  • We're all human, and software ideas are flowers that bloom from experience and feedback.
Last updated: 5/28/2021, 10:34:50 AM