The Sublime Ads API is, by design, simple to use yet powerful enough to get what you need.

At this time the API is limited to a few actions concerning returning your Ads and/or Categories. You can also register a "TAP" via the API.

Account management, or other areas, are not supported via the API at this time.


A note on availability

As Sublime Ads is a web service, running on servers, it may sometimes be necessary that Sublime Ads is taken down for a short period of time. Also, as all things "Web" and "services" Sublime Ads may be down for any number of reasons. Whilst we do our best to keep "the engines running" there might be a brief period of time where the API might not be available.

This means that when you integrate with the API please be aware of this and don't rely on Sublime Ads to be available 100% of the time.

Do not render block your app or service whilst waiting for an API response.

I advise that you keep your initial response saved in state and/or local device storage (whichever storage method you choose). This allows you to render ads before calling the Sublime Ads API at boot up.

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