Taps are the insight to your ads. This is totally optional and I understand that you would like to track how many times an ad was clicked or tapped on.

Within an "ad object" you get back a "URL" - this URL points to the tap endpoint on Sublime Ads.

When the user taps/clicks on the ad with the ad url they will be directed to the Sublime Ads redirect URL. A tap is recorded for the ad, either individually or tied to a specific category. Once done, the user is redirected to the redirect_to_url.

Note that a "paused" ad will return an error.

If you need to track anything specific I suggest you use URL parameters with the redirect_to_url when setting up your ad.

POST a tap

If you feel that the real URL is nicer to look at and you want to avoid a redirect, you can also POST a tap to the API.

Endpoint: https://sublimeads.com/api/tap

Type: POST

You can directly register a tap with an individual app by passing in a URL parameter id of your ad. Note that this id is the "public id".

Example: /api/tap?token=yourTokenHere&id=pjc1hPP2tRnpJg

If you want to also register the tap for a category group, you can add a category URL parameter. Again you have to use the "public id" of your category.

Example: /api/tap?token=yourTokenHere&id=pjc1hPP2tRnpJg&category=5c3sO4cNrK2Jlg

This ensures the correct data is stored.

You'll get a Tap OK 💪 message response with a 200 OK code.

If a category is not found, but an ad is... then the tap is registered for the individual ad. The "Tap OK" message will differ slightly if no category is found: Tap OK 💪, but no category was found!

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