# Developer Preview

Hello and welcome to the developer preview version of Sublime Ads.

# Introduction

If you've been invited to register it is important to know that Sublime Ads is still being built. The basics are in place already, for example the API needed to integrate this into your apps, websites or wherever else you might need it.

Fundamentally, Sublime Ads allows you to create ads, either with or without being tied to a category, that can be pulled into your projects via the API.

As it's far from finished, there are some limitations. Also, as it's still evolving, I'll be making changes to the site and API to accommodate any bug fixes and or requests - especially early on in this cycle. I have satisfied my own need, for my projects, but I realise that there is room for more as I go!

# Billing and trial

Sublime Ads is a paid service. Once you sign up you will have a 30 day trial. Note that if you need more time, just let me know and I will add more trial days for you.

At the moment I am planning a $7/month plan (plus local VAT if in Europe). TBC!

After the developer preview, the trial days will be lowered (for new accounts) and payment information will be needed at sign up (just to avoid many, unused accounts).

You do not have to enter billing details during the preview and I'm happy to increase your trial days. If you help enough you will be invited to own a "friend" account, which means payment is optional as appreciation of your help!

# Limitations

Only a few things now, now that I pretty much finished what I wanted:

  • Documentation. This will be a longer process as I go about finishing it for the public launch. Some basics are here already... like the API endpoints (kinda useful!!!)

Here is what I've added since the developer preview opened:

  • ✅ Stats (the graphs for taps) are only returned for the past 7 days (including the current day). I'll get the date filter in there soon! NOTES: Date filter has predefined days, a custom date range will be added at some stage.
  • ✅ Ad details layout screen still needs to be completed!
  • ✅ No ad embed option yet! I will be working on this so you can create embeds for categories and drop them straight into a website using a simple script tag that you copy and paste. NOTES: This is now there and enabling more options as it matures. See the embed docs for more info.
  • 💔 Ad asset URL's don't return file extensions at the moment; working on it soon! (I know it's a weird one!) NOTES: this won't be an issue, so I'm leaving as is until Rails 6.2 is released.
  • ✅ API Key is limited to one at the moment. Will work on allowing multiple (just needs the UI!). NOTES: this is now available.
  • ✅ API still needs a few tweaks here and there! NOTES: added what I think is a good set of data now that fits into my MVP model for the app.
  • 💔 Ad creation - planning a live preview of what you're adding as you go (just for fun feedback so you can get excited about it all). NOTES: not important for general release and will come later.

That's it for now... there are probably more. However, you've been warned.

Whilst I don't expect any major changes to the API, I will do my best to let you know if things do change.

# Getting help

Best way to get help is to email: [email protected]

If you have any questions or concerns... or bug fixes... let me know! I'm here for you.

Last updated: 2/4/2021, 12:58:46 PM