# Getting started

Getting started with the Sublime Ads API is easy.

First you will need your API key. This can be found on your account page (opens new window), under API Keys.

API Keys

To copy, just click/tap the box and use the usual copy command for your operating system.

Each time you call the API you need to append your token in your query string.

We'll call the API Key a "token" from now on to avoid confusion.

If you'd like to keep your API Keys separate for each app or integration you can do this by adding a name and pressing Create in the dialog.

Below you can see an example of multiple API Keys. Note that the Default key cannot be deleted. You can, however, always regenerate a key - just in case you wrote it down on a piece of paper and left it in the coffee shop ☕️ (it happens!)

Additional API keys

# Hello Sublime Ads

To test your token you can call the following endpoint:


Pass in your token as a URL parameter:


On success the API will return a 200 OK and a message welcoming you with your given name. A timestamp is also provided. Here is an example reply:

{"message":"Hello from Sublime Ads, Vincent! 🖖","now":"2020-06-11T17:17:34.026Z"}

Feel free to use this endpoint to check for availability of Sublime Ads and validity of your token.

# Usage

Each call to the API counts towards your API usage. On your API & Usage settings page, you can keep a track of this. If you're on the paid plan then this doesn't really affect you - although we do have a Fair Usage policy, so if you feel you're going to hit some of those limits just let us know [email protected].

API usage

If you're on the Basic plan you are limited to 1,000 usage hits per month. On Basic+ you will have 3,000.

Usage hits are for the current rolling month, irrespective of when you signed up. Each month it will reset.

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